Main Camp Program

REGULAR CAMP”  is a 4 week activity-packed program for children entering grades 4-9. Due to the nature of the program and our educational philosophy we recommend that you choose one of the 2 sessions that we offer for your child. If, however, you are interested in both sessions for your child, please contact the camp office to discuss.


Machal Program

The MACHAL  program is for campers entering 10th grade. While the program is available both sessions, Machal campers may only register for either the 1st or 2nd session, but not both. Please be aware that Machal is both physically and mentally challenging and that Machal campers spend relatively little time on campus due to the “outward bound” nature of the program.

Kaytana Program

The KAYTANA  program runs for the first 2 weeks of each session. This program is available to children entering 3rd or 4th** grade. The Kaytana Program gives first-time campers a “taste” of regular camp in a nurturing and family-like environment.

(**Note** that campers entering 4th grade have a choice of attending the Kaytana [2 week] Program or the Regular [4 week] Program, depending on their comfort level.)