Machal is  Hebrew acronym which stands for Machane Chalutzi, or pioneering camp. This unique experience is available for campers entering the 10th grade.  The purpose of Machal is to take a group of individuals and mold them into a cohesive, reflective, and motivated unit.  In short Machal prepares campers to be our leaders for the next generation.  Machal succeeds in doing this by challenging the campers mentally, physically, and spiritually.  The campers spend a considerable amount of time hiking, canoeing, biking, and studying; continually being engaged in active learning.  At the same time, campers experience many other exciting trips such as Hershey Park and Niagara Falls.  Machal spends an entire week in the Canadian Wilderness where they learn self-reliance and survival skills.  One of the most profound experiences included in the Machal program is a program designed to foster a deeper understanding of the campers’ relationship to Western culture and to Medinat Yisrael.  This trip is an odyssey which takes the campers through Pennsylvania, visiting abandoned Jewish communities and speaking to the last Jews in many of these small towns.  The program culminates in Washington DC.  In Washington they visit the Holocaust Museum and conclude their advocacy training with an advocacy workshop on the Mall.  The Machal program represents the culmination of the best of what Camp Stone aims to instill in Jewish youth.